Are you visiting Spain? Are you visiting Madrid? Do you need a cultural private guide? If you need a cultural guided tour in Madrid, you have come to the right place.  Here you will find how to make a guided tour in Madrid with Pablo, official tour guide of Madrid, or with one of his associates (all official tour guides).

We offer cultural guided tours in Madrid in 3 languages: english, italian and spanish.

Make a wise decision and contract our services for your cultural guided tours in the city of Madrid and surroundings.

We have been offering our services as tour guides, our customers are really satisifed with our professional service . If you are visiting Madrid and you want to make cultural guided tours, sightseeing tours or just for fun a tapas tour in Madrid, contact us and your visit to Madrid will be something that you will remember very nicely for years. Visit the museums of Madrid, palaces, churches, visit the new Madrid and its new skyline, taste the best spanish food and wines in the best restaurants, follow a tapas tour in Madrid and over all, live the amazing cultural life of this metropoli, Madrid. Know why Madrid is one of the most important touristic cities in all europe.

Know the culture of Spain, visiting its most important city and Capital, our beloved Madrid. You won't regret. You just need a good cultural guide, an official tour guide who will  teach you all the cultural secrets of this marvellous metropoli. Come to Spain, come to Madrid, live culture. Madrid sightseeing tours, the best places to visit in Madrid and actually "live" and "understand" them, not just watch them briefly.

We are also the only website offering a guided tour focused to know more about the dark, occult and paranormal Madrid. Know more about the magical side of Madrid, legends, enchanted places, ghost apparitions, etc. We are the only tour guides website offering magical guided tours in Madrid

Or if you prefer a tapas tour, visiting the most famous tapas places of Madrid, you will enjoy our Tapas Tour, with good spanish wines like rioja, good tapas and the warm ambient of Madrid

Our official tour guides offer satisfactory, cultural and funny madrid guided tours. Enjoy Madrid with an expert official tour guide. offers three guarantees, as signal of our compromise with the quality of service and excellence:

1-Payment at the end of the service.

2-In case of not getting satisfied, you do not have to pay for it.

3-All the services will be offered by official tour guides like Pablo and his associates (tour guides with license of the regional goverment of Madrid) assuring a high quality of service.


-The license is offered by the regional goverment of Madrid after completing universitary degree in humanities and hard exams (art, history, belle arts...), assuring you that the guide will have the required knowledge for the guided tour.

-Only official guides can offer visits in places like Royal Palace (non official guides are banned to offer guided tour in such places).

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