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Pablo S. Sastre, Official Tour Guide of Madrid, license number 783

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This website is managed by Pablo Sabariegos Sastre, official tour guide of Madrid, with habilitation (license) nº 783 from the regional goverment of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid).

Pablo also works with associate guides who are also official tour guides of Madrid, assuring you that if you book your guided tour with Pablo, there will be an excelent service that can be only offered by official guides.

Check the list of prices or contact us for special prices for long estance in Madrid groups, we may give very special prices for 5 or 7 days groups, with the convenience of having a local official guide leading your group during all the estance in Madrid.

We also may offer special prices for educative institutions.

Note: have in mind that prices may change during special holidays like Semana Santa, Navidades or some other bank holiday days.